Solving Quality and Scale fOr Nano

With machine learning based tools you can analyze and optimize your nanomaterials faster, cheaper and more reliably

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Complex, tedious, analysis made automatic

Make better use of your experts. Lower the time and cost required to analyze nanomaterials.

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  • nanotubes

    Use public models to get started quickly. Many models already exist to aid in your analysis.

  • consulting

    Codify your experts's knowledge into ML models. Develop your own or let our experts help.

  • open source

    Share and analyze results with stakeholders and colleagues.

How it works

Analyze and share data, results and models

1. Register for an account

Simply enter an email and password.

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2. Create a Dataset

Organize similar data points in dataset for easy analysis, comparison and sharing.

3. Upload your Data

Upload data points to a dataset and choose models to evaluate them.


4. Compare and evaluate

Compare different data points and evaluate entire dataset quality and variance

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A Better Way to Assess Quality

Legacy Processes

With Epic's QA Tool

Tedious analysis takes hours or days of expert time
Analysis is no longer a bottleneck, results in seconds
Legacy, manual tools have legacy UI, I/O and customizability
Easy to use, modern, web UI with no install required
Hard to reproduce, subjective
Quantifiable, reproducible
Requires expert knowledge and time
Intuitive, interpretable results for experts and non-experts
Data disorganized amongst lab assets
Data accessible from anywhere, neatly organized in datasets

How We use OUR Tool

Epic is using automated nanomaterial analysis to quantify quality more efficiently and improve processes faster to new levels of control and performance

Taking Boron Nitride Nanotube Production and Quality to the next level with machine learning

“To get the level of detail of analysis our models can achieve takes seconds compared with hours. This reduces our cycle times and allows us to make the world's best BNNT process even better.”

Dr.Rodney Sappington

CEO of Epic Advanced Materials


Unlimited free self-service use in beta. Paid model consulting services. Share data with the community.


Tool usage in Beta

Upload data and models. Compare and analyze data, all for free in beta.

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Model Jumpstart

Let our experts help you codify your quality assessment processes.

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open source

Share your data

Share your data for a chance to have our experts build public models.

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Build reproducible, quantifiable quality assessment workflows