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With our machine learning based tools you can analyze and optimize your nanomaterials faster, cheaper and more reliably

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For decades, what is considered the 21st century’s wonder material, boron nitride nanotubes (BNNTs) have attracted worldwide research interest due to their unique physical properties and applications in a range of fields—including energy, electronics, and biomedical applications. BNNT’s like other nano materials are now coming into their own with the potential for wide economic and social impact.

We are an AI-driven advanced manufacturing company focused on democratizing the material science of nanotechnology.

As a Team of data-scientists, chemists, material scientists, and business leaders we are focused on opening the material possibilities of nano structures in the planes we fly, the satellites we launch, the drugs that deliver lifesaving therapies, and the fuel cells we use to power our transportation.  

EPIC’s IP and AI / ML expertise enable remarkably scalable, high-volume, premium quality, low-cost BNNT production.

Improving Nanomaterial Performance To Reduce Energy Consumption & Environmental Impact:

Increased Efficiency
Batteries & electronics
Water purification
Chemical removal
Increased performance
Thermal Interface Materials
Immersion Cooling Fluids
Space Economy
Safe & efficient travel
Transportation composites
Targeted thrapeutic delivery