Epic accelerates innovation with AI / ML and customizes nanomaterials at scale with sustainability in mind


Disease targeting, and transportation for both data and people—through customized nanomaterial synthesis and commercial-scale adoption. Our talented, seasoned team of tech leaders and scientists are engineering a new era of AI-driven tools to optimize nanomaterial production, supporting environmental efficiency while significantly expediting both application and end-product integration across a wide range of industries.


Dr.Rodney Sappington
  • 20 years experience as a senior data scientist and global machine learning executive
  • Extensive technical and BD experience with QA for molecular manufacturing in emerging biotech
  • Led AI development across 26 countries in consulting roles for pharma R&D
  • Founding member and former VP of Enlitic, developing deep learning algorithms for diagnostic medicine
Marie Phelps
Head of Operations and Finance
  • Lead a merger of two tech companies
  • Focused on building the foundation for scalability and provide financial accountability for our investors
  • Interests include travel and spending time with large extended family
Jack Roe
Business Development
  • Licensing, technology transfer, and commercialization experience across range of technologies
  • Business development, planning, and execution
  • BS, Boston College. Computer  Science. MBA, The Wharton  School , University of Pennsylvania
Dr.Sean Walsh
Lead Research Chemist
  • Application development and laboratory management
  • Product Development Scientist for Lumadyne developing control and data collection system for lab-scale scientific instrumentation
  • Created and patented an adhesive conversion coating for aluminum metal
  • B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame , Ph.D. in Chemistry from Rice University
Ryan Holtschneider
Lead Data Scientist
  • Researched applications of deep learning based Computer Vision to Radar at Parsons
  • Developed machine learning models for test evaluation, hardware to model correlation and simulation enhancement for advanced manufacturing at Northrop Grumman
  • Masters in Applied Mathematics from UMBC
Dr.Erika Brown
Lead Project Engineer
  • Served as Principal Investigator and Program Manager for rapid development and long term research partnerships with the DoD, DOE and private partners
  • Multiple publications and patents on novel materials
  • Ph.D in Chemical Engineering in 2016 from the Colorado School of Mines
Dr.Saber Naserifar
Senior Computational Research Scientist
  • 13 years of research experience using computational and data driven methods in material science resulting in 24 publications, 16 conference presentations and 8 invited talks
  • Established strategies to combine artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, and computational molecular science to produce fuels from sunlight for a $60 million Department of Energy project.
  • Ph.D in Chemical Engineering in 2009 from University of Southern California
Ruzanna Demirchyan
Social Media and Marketing Intern
  • Business Management Major at Pepperdine
  • Passionate about making a difference in the world through marketing impactful technologies
David Chaparro
Automation Engineer
  • Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering at Cal State Long Beach
  • Recent work in Butane Gas Production via distillation of desalted crude oil


Dr.Alex Zettl
LBNL Senior Scientist
  • First to theorize BNNT in 1994
  • Professor of physics at UC Berkeley
  • Senior Scientist at LBNL
  • R&D 100 Award winner
  • LBNL Outstanding Performance Award winner
  • Fellow of American Physical Society
Dr. Aidin Fathalizadeh
Co-Inventor of the EPIC process
  • Managing scientist at Exponent
  • Co-Inventor of EPIC BNNT synthesis process
  • Holds multiple patents for BNNT materials and processes
  • BS, MS, and PhD in Physics, UC Berkeley
Dr. Toby Sainsbury
Director of Future Manufacturing Ireland
  • Interim Director of Future Manufacturing Ireland
  • Responsible for National Industry 4.0 Strategy
  • Member of The Royal Society of Chemistry
Dr.Boris Yakobson
Professor of Nanoengineering at Rice
  • Leading expert in BNNT and carbon nanotube research, particularly in theory and modeling of structure, kineticsm and properties
  • Professor of NanoEngineering at Rice University
  • Recipient of the DoE R&D Award
  • Recipient of the Nano 50 Award from Nanotech Briefs
Junaid Islam
  • 30 years of experience in secure communications
  • Designed protocols, algorithms and architectures that have been incorporated into a broad range of commercial and national security systems
  • Research Fellow of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and Co-Chair of the SDP Zero Trust Workgroup


Now hiring for the following positions:

  • Lead Automation Engineer

    You have experience with nanomaterials, chemical reactor design and automation, specific experience with BNNTs is a plus.

    This is an exciting opportunity for growth in Epic as a material scientist with further goals to learn and apply machine learning to the nanomaterial production process.

  • Materials Engineer

    You have experience experimental design and execution, maintaining lab safety standards, making nanomaterials, and data generation and analysis, strong leadership skills and a team mentality.

    You will work closely with our Lead Research Chemist and Team to drive successful assembly and automation of our manufacturing hardware and software. Additional opportunities for learning cutting edge material science R&D and product development will be part of the growing opportunities for this role.

Email us at hr@epicbnnt.com to apply.