Epic accelerates innovation with AI / ML and customizes nanomaterials at scale with sustainability in mind


Disease targeting, and transportation for both data and people—through customized nanomaterial synthesis and commercial-scale adoption. Our talented, seasoned team of tech leaders and scientists are engineering a new era of AI-driven tools to optimize nanomaterial production, supporting environmental efficiency while significantly expediting both application and end-product integration across a wide range of industries.


Rodney Sappington, PhD

  • 20 years experience as a senior data scientist and global machine learning executive
  • Extensive technical and BD experience with QA for molecular manufacturing in emerging biotech
  • Led AI development across 26 countries in consulting roles for pharma R&D
  • Founding member and former VP of Enlitic, developing deep learning algorithms for diagnostic medicine

Sean Walsh, PhD

Lead Research Chemist
  • Application development and laboratory management
  • Product Development Scientist for Lumadyne developing control and data collection system for lab-scale scientific instrumentation
  • Created and patented an adhesive conversion coating for aluminum metal
  • B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Notre Dame , Ph.D. in Chemistry from Rice University

Ryan Holtschneider

Lead Data Scientist
  • Researched applications of deep learning based Computer Vision to Radar at Parsons
  • Developed machine learning models for test evaluation, hardware to model correlation and simulation enhancement for advanced manufacturing at Northrop Grumman
  • Masters in Applied Mathematics from UMBC

Marie Phelps

Head of Operations and Finance
  • Lead a merger of two tech companies
  • Focused on building the foundation for scalability and provide financial accountability for our investors
  • Interests include travel and spending time with large extended family

Jack Roe

Business Development
  • Licensing, technology transfer, and commercialization experience across range of technologies
  • Business development, planning, and execution
  • BS, Boston College. Computer  Science. MBA, The Wharton  School , University of Pennsylvania

Erika Brown, PhD

Lead Project Chemist
  • Served as Principal Investigator and Program Manager for rapid development and long term research partnerships with the DoD, DOE and private partners
  • Multiple publications and patents on novel materials
  • Ph.D in Chemical Engineering in 2016 from the Colorado School of Mines

Kenny Mani

Head of Business Development
  • 15+years of product management, business, research and development, innovation and leadership experience in the Semiconductors & Life Sciences industries
  • Senior Director of R&D at ASM
  • BS in Computer Science from Savitribai Phule Pune University, 1998

Saber Naserifar

Senior Computational Research Scientist
  • 13 years of research experience using computational and data driven methods in material science resulting in 24 publications, 16 conference presentations and 8 invited talks
  • Established strategies to combine artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, and computational molecular science to produce fuels from sunlight for a $60 million Department of Energy project.
  • Ph.D in Chemical Engineering in 2009 from University of Southern California,

Ruzanna Demirchyan

Social Media and Marketing Intern
  • Business Management Major at Pepperdine
  • Passionate about making a difference in the world through marketing impactful technologies


Alex Zettl, PhD

  • First to theorize BNNT in 1994
  • Professor of physics at UC Berkeley
  • Senior Scientist at LBNL
  • R&D 100 Award winner
  • LBNL Outstanding Performance Award winner
  • Fellow of American Physical Society

Toby Sainsbury, PhD

Consultant, Future of Manufacturing

  • Interim Director of Future Manufacturing Ireland
  • Responsible for National Industry 4.0 Strategy
  • Member of The Royal Society of Chemistry

Aidin Fathalizadeh,PhD

Consultant, Materials

  • Managing scientist at Exponent
  • Co-Inventor of EPIC BNNT synthesis process
  • Holds multiple patents for BNNT materials and processes
  • BS, MS, and PhD in Physics, UC Berkeley

Boris Yakobson, PhD

Consultant, Materials and Simulation

  • Leading expert in BNNT and carbon nanotube research, particularly in theory and modeling of structure, kineticsm and properties
  • Professor of NanoEngineering at Rice University
  • Recipient of the DoE R&D Award
  • Recipient of the Nano 50 Award from Nanotech Briefs

Junaid Islam

  • 30 years of experience in secure communications
  • Designed protocols, algorithms and architectures that have been incorporated into a broad range of commercial and national security systems
  • Research Fellow of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) and Co-Chair of the SDP Zero Trust Workgroup


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